Dark waters

I love my pond, I really do, it is probably my favourite bit of the garden and it makes me very happy.  I have written previously that I spent quite a while finding the right bench to put by the side of the pond and now that I have one there it is quite truly the finishing touch.
I spend more time than I probably should just sitting on this bench, most often drinking tea, sometimes just sitting.  I peer into the dark waters on a cold day like today and I try to see something.  I don't know what, just something.  In the past I have seen a newt or two; in the Spring it is full of frogspawn.  I often see frogs wandering around the garden yet rarely see them swimming in the pond.  In my mind I picture them doing an unhurried breast-stroke just under the surface.

Yet there I sit, patiently staring into its dark depths.  It is deep, over the top of the welly deep at its heart.  I ponder sometimes on those ponds that people dye black to make them more reflective.  I can understand why they want the reflections, they can be very dramatic and in a less deep pond then the dye stops you just seeing the bottom of the pond.

and still I sit, patiently staring into its depths and I wonder if it was dyed black what chance I would have of seeing anything?  Mine is a different sort of pond, it was planned with wildlife in mind and frogspawn probably isn't welcome in a dyed pond.  My pond would be bereft without the life within it.

and there I still sit, patiently almost meditatively, still starting into its depths and I wonder what I am looking for?


Could be.......


  1. So that's how they get those shallow bowls so reflective! #alwayswondered #thoughtitwassomethingcleveraboutthepot

  2. Very relaxing, just thinking about it. There's nothing better than staring in a pond.


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