Tree Following: Autumn beckons

The quince tree is denying autumn.  It is standing, thinking, waiting, making a small concession but not allowing autumn to take complete hold.
The tree is taking it's initial steps towards autumn colour.
Some leaves are turning the colour of late afternoon sun, but with those striking red veins that mark this time of the year.
Other leaves are refusing to turn just yet.  They are as green as they ever were.
I peer into the branches to look for signs of next spring.  The latent buds are not yet really developing but I know that one of the beauties of this tree is that it is one of the last to lose its leaves and one of the first in the year to show green.  It is a rebellious tree refusing to conform and that is, of course, part of its charm.  (Remind me of this when I am bemoaning the lack of fruit next year).

Thanks to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme. More trees can be found here.


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