Product Review - VivaGreen Biodegradable Compostable Bags

I was contacted recently by the people from VivaGreen which is a company that makes compostable and biodegradable products.  They use natural materials that come from renewable resources so it is all very worthy, and I like worthy.
I like worthy but in reality I am not very good at being worthy.  I used to compost my food waste faithfully but then I had a problem with lots of little flies and I sort of stopped.  The kitchen compost bin got put outside by the backdoor to aerate it and, well, that might have been about a year ago.  It might have blown away from the back door and I might, only might, have been looking at it and tutting at it where it ended up but did not actually rescue it.

So the nice people at VivaGreen sent me some GreenSax minis, some larger bin liners and the 'Scrapack' compostable paper countertop tidy bags.  So I dutifully went outside and rescued the compost bin (removed the snails and emptied out the leaves) so that it was ready to use again.

The Scrapacks are very useful.  They are quite thick brown paper and you just use them to pop your compostable scraps into.  If you had a stock of brown paper bags of course you could use them instead, but I haven't got any of those.  I will give you a word of caution, they are paper bags that are made out of paper.  If you fill them with used tea-leaves and leave them overnight then they do go a little soggy.  They are strong but they are not designed to withstand liquid for long periods of time.  The pack of twelve bags costs £2.90 (24p a bag) which I think is quite reasonable.  If you buy more packs then the cost goes down per bag.  I am hopeful that by using this bags which I can fold up to seal in the foodwaste this might prevent the little fly issue  I mentioned earlier.  They should also help make the little compost caddy easier to empty out without bits sticking unpleasantly to the inside.  Best of all they have made me start composting my food waste again, so I can just feel a little more worthy......