Irritating Plant of the Month November 2016

Dear reader, for this month's irritating plant wall of shame I give you......
.....Magnolia 'Fairy Blush'.  I have had this shrub for good few years now.  I was lured into buying it with tales of it being new and exciting.  I am a great fan of magnolias and this was just too enticing for me to miss and a purchase was made.  It looked great when I first bought it and admittedly I did give it a false start.  I planted it somewhere where itsoon looked unhappy; indeed I thought it would die.  It looked a bit, well, only a little bit worse than it does above.  So I took the brave step of digging it up and relocating it.  I worked on the principle that if it died it was dying anyway.  If it lived then it was a magnificent success.

Dear reader, it did neither, it has sulked and looked a bit poorly and quite frankly gives me reproachful looks at every opportunity.

I gave it a year to think so that it might just pull itself together:  it hasn't.

I have given it some frequent feeds of liquid seaweed in the hope that it might respond favourably: it hasn't.

Yet still I cannot quite bring myself to give up on it.  It continues in this almost limbo state of being being quite dead enough nor quite alive enough.  Maybe next year, it will be happy, maybe next year it will finally shrug its shoulders, pick its teddy up from the floor and start to leaf up and flower.

as ever, time will tell....