A letter to the garden

Dear garden,

It's been a while since I feel like I have paid you proper attention.  Yes I have been with you, yes I have pottered about, cut lawns and tidied around the edges.  I have planted some bulbs, I have deadheaded and I have removed the odd weed.  What I have not had lately are many of what I call 'good garden days' though as I would have liked.

Dear garden you have made your opinion of this neglect clear. You have strived to look ok at a quick glance, to fool me and re-fool me, that actually you are coping quite well.  But, dear garden, I have now looked more closely and the full horror has been revealed.
You are now the home to many dandelions, lots of herb robert and willowherb and more coltsfoot than you can shake a shakey stick at.  There will have to be several more concentrated efforts to get some sort of order restored.  I removed a small copse of field maple seedlings than I expected and lets not even begin to discuss the assorted nettles and brambles.

Dear garden, dearest dearest garden, you punish me and reproach me with every weed and at that same time encourage me to do better.   I am sorry, I will do better to live up to your expectations ......

......well, I'll try anyway, to be honest its not the worst thing ever is it?

Best wishes
Your (slightly lazy) gardener.