Irritating Plant of the Month - October 2016

This month's tale of woe is indeed one of woe.  I am sad that this plant has entered these hallowed halls of disappointment but, dear reader, there is little hope for this one. I am just not sure if I am disappointed with the plant, or with myself for letting this happen.

I give you my beautiful, my beloved, Sorbus cashmeiriana:
At first glance you might understandably think that this is a case of extreme pruning that has got a little too extreme.  I wish I could say that is correct.  The other day when wandering around the garden with a gardening chum there was an exclamation of 'what's that?  It's dead'.   'Dead!' I replied 'I hope not, that is my precious cashmeiriana.'  A closer inspection later and this young tree looked flayed of bark higher up its trunk and there was that spongyness, you know what I mean, that spongyness of death.  I muttered an expletive or two and decided I would dig it up later.

When I returned later to dig it up I weakened.  I decided to cut it down to below the dead bit, which has left this stick that is around 12  inches tall.  I think in the spring time I will probably dig up a dead stick, but I thought I would give it a chance.

Please stop laughing at the back.....