A bowl of happiness - verbena and bacopa

Earlier in the year I was sent some plug plants to trial by The Vernon Nursery.  I have various plants from them previously, especially some rather nice pelagoniums, but this time I decided to choose something different.

I chose two plants: firstly Verbena 'Sparkle Purple', I already grow Verbena bananarama but this is a much shorter bedding version.  The second plant I chose was Bacopa 'Blue Hollyhock'; a plant completely unknown to me which is why I chose it.  I wanted something different to try.
The plugs duly arrived and I planted them into a shallow bowl that I am very fond of, but if you look closely you can see it has been frost damaged and therefore on its last legs.  The verbena started to flower quite quickly, this is how they looked in May.
By June the bowl has moved to the front door step and the bacopa is starting to flower as well.  It is a bowl of cheeriness by this point.  The little flowers are just a delight.
In July it is still going strong.  I kept dead-heading it and this seems to have kept it going well.
Slip forward a couple of months and it is quite often getting dark when I arrive home from work.  Even in the porch light the verbenas are sparkling away as they name suggests.

I am really glad I chose these plugs.  They have given months of happiness and have taken very little looking after.  I cannot look at them without smiling.


  1. Certainly a good choice, they look lovely in your bowl.

  2. Did you have to feed them at all Alison? They really have bloomed their heads off, by the sounds of it...Bacopa seems to go on forever, in my experience, but didn't know Verbena also had such an extended flowering time...You chose well : )


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