Irritating Plant of the Month - September 2016

This month I am irritated by Ricinus.  What what! you say, careful now, that plant is more than just irritating it is exceptionally poisonous.  Fear not, it is just giving me mild annoyance, nothing more sinister.
So what is this plant doing to annoy, well annoy is too strong a word, it is in truth mildly irritating.  I have three or four of these currently in my Exotic Border.  I love their spikey seed heads but what I really wanted was some big foliage and some height.  Instead they are about 12 inches tall.  The foliage is good, I like the colour.
They are rather lovely, I am being picky but, well, they are just shorter than I'd hoped.  As ever there is always next year to try again.


  1. Would you like me to send you my Eupatorium purpureum? This year it decided to flower at 11 inches rather than it's usual 6-7 feet. It might make your Ricinus look gigantic again?

    1. Oh dear - maybe this year has just been not good for encouraging height!


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