A welsh rock garden

As regular readers will know I spend a fair amount of my time wandering around North Wales.  This most recent visit saw me staying somewhere I have not stayed before.  Admittedly it was probably only a half a mile from where I last stayed, but that half mile was upwards, I was pretty close to the top of a rather large hill.
The view to the front of the cottage was straight across the estuary towards Harlech.  This rather grey rainy picture sums up the majority of this holiday and whilst I would have liked more sunny days, It did not stop me from having fun.

The garden to the front of the cottage was rather good but it is the rear that I am going to write about today.
This sheer rock face was about 12 inches from the rear of the cottage, there was just enough space for me to walk along behind the house.
Various plants were growing in the crevices.
I just loved the ferns and the foxgloves.
Where-ever there was a chance for something to grow there was something popping up.
I really do not like the smell of herb robert, but you have to admire its tenacity.
Where light fell, something was growing.
All stretching upwards, some going the long way around.
There was lots of this navelwort, (I believe it is called navelwort as it is a cautionary warning to keep your bellybutton dry and fluff free).

It might not have been the most expansive view I have seen through a kitchen window, but I think it was one of the most fascinating.  I would love to see it change through the seasons, just think of it icy, snowy, rainy and sunny.  Think of it in Spring when the growth starts to appear and in summer when the foxgloves start to flower.  Great gardens are those that fascinate and inspire and this was such a garden.


  1. Sounds as if it was a wonderful place.

    1. It was - it was really pretty and the rocks where magnificent

  2. Once had a cottage against a hill like that - we're good at hacking at rock us welsh x

  3. That certainly must be a beautiful rockgarden. The rocks are quite spectacular for me from a very flat country.
    Regards, Janneke

    1. I thought where I lived was quite hilly until I went to Wales and realised how flat it is back at home.

  4. The atmosphere must have been fabulous!

    1. It was fab- I could see the clouds descending across the bay and hiding the tops of the hills opposite. It was all rather wonderful.


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