Tree following - it's time to admit defeat

Sometimes you just have to accept that yet again, there will be no quinces.  There will be no home grown quinces for me this year, that is for sure.  The last quincelet hung on and hung on.......
indeed it is still hanging on.  But, like that proverbial Norwegian Blue parrot, it is dead.  I have to accept that it is no more and is, let's face it, it is an ex-quincelet.*

But its ok, I am over it, I am already looking to next year.  Next year might see the adoption of another tree, or maybe next year will be the year that I finally get a quince.  I have plans to increase my prospects of getting a quince (no it is not buying some quinces and sticking them to the branches, though now I think about it......)

So, I shall decide at the year progresses.  For now I shall continue to follow this tree, to shake my head at it in a disappointed fashion and to tut at it every now and again.

*with due acknowledgement to Monty Python.

Big thanks as every to SquirrelBasket for hosting the forest of followed trees.