The Piet Oudolf Meadow at Hauser and Wirth, Somerset

As I continued home from my visit to Devon I planned in a couple of stop-offs on the way back.  This  would enable me to a) rest from driving and b) eat.  Well, that was the plan anyway.

First stop was to see the Piet Oudolf gardens at Hauser and Wirth Gallery in Somerset.  I intended to get lunch here as well as see the gardens.  It also had the added bonus of taking me across country away from the motorways which were pretty much clogged up with traffic on a busy Saturday for the roads.
Before you actually enter the gallery you can see the vegetable borders outside, presumably for the restaurant.  This is rather a nice touch.
I rather liked the weathervane too, I believe it to be of Erasmus sitting the wrong way on a horse, reading a book, as you do.
Into the courtyard and there are massive sculptures shining in the sun.
I loved this tree, but I was not here to see trees, I was here to see the Piet Oudolf meadow so I got my bearings and headed out to the gardens.
The meadow spreads out in front of you, with paths that take you through to the pavillion at the end.
There is a shallow pool of water that reflects the planting well.
and the planting is rather wonderful.
It was full of colour and alive with bees and butterflies. I thought that the shell of a building on the skyline made a great focal point.
The Radic Pavilion draws you on through the garden.  It floats above the planting and leads you towards it.
Inside the pavilion you look out, across the planting, to the car park where on this day the cars sparkled like jewels.
I enjoyed my wander around the garden.  I did not manage to get lunch, it was a very busy day when I was there and I had not time to stay for a long lunch.

It was definitely worth the visit and a very good stop off on a long journey.  Maybe next time I will go into the galleries but I had not got time on this trip.

I was however delighted to find....
.... a tribute to Bon Jovi's third album.

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  1. It must be The place to visit, we were there last Friday. We enjoyed the planting very much, in spite of the rain!There were some lovely combinations that I hope to use here.


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