Product Review: Sleeper Bench from Buy Fencing Direct

I was approached by the very nice people from Buy Fencing Direct to see if I would like to review a product for them and take part in an interview on their blog: Green Gardens, which I was very happy to say yes to.

It did not take me long to decide which product I wanted to trial, the Sleeper Bench 1.2m.  I have been on the quest for the right bench for about five years.  I had decided a while ago which type of bench I thought I wanted, the lack of progress had been mainly about finding the right one and getting around to sorting it out.  I decided that being invited to trial one was serendipity.
The bench quickly arrived with no fuss.  The delivery driver rang me to ask directions when he could not find my address.  I always appreciate it when they do this rather than just give up and go back to base, so I have to give a special mention for good service.
I unpacked the bench and did that thing I do not do often enough, I read the instructions.  The instructions are very simple.
I reckon it was twenty minutes later and ta da!
The bench was soon installed by the pond.  The bench is made of solid wood and this was actually the hardest part of the process as it is rather heavy.  It is made of FSC certified wood mix from sustainable sources and it guaranteed not to rot for 15 years.
I can now, at last, sit by the pond and drink tea.
It took about three minutes for Bruce to join me to see if he approved of the new bench.  I would take that as a yes.

In short, I can fully recommend this bench.  It is genuinely easy to fit together and solid enough that it looks like it will last quite a while.


  1. Looks a really nice and simple yet sturdy bench

  2. That looks a nice stylish, yet simple looking seat. I reckon that would fit in just about anywhere.
    Might take a peep at getting one.

  3. Looks just right by the pond. Good and sturdy. And Bruce approves. Cats are never wrong.

  4. Trouble is a bench almost always looks more elegant than a seat in a garden - and this does seems good one. But I never want to sit for more than 5 minutes without a back rest. Am I alone in that?

    1. It is a good bench but I agree I need a backrest for a long sit down. This is perfect for this spot as it is 'drink tea and gaze at the pond' seat.

  5. That looks great. I nearly tried to make something similar from some timber I rescued when an ash tree was felled on the public land next door... but of course it just lay there until a friend asked if they could have it. I have just the spot for one of those by the shed...


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