Thompson and Morgan Jazzy Potato Challenge 3 - too soon?

It was going so well!  I was keeping the potatoes watered, I was looking after them, I was taking part carefully in the challenge.
The foliage had died down, I thought the potatoes should be about ready.  I had a little furtle in one the bags and I pulled out a reasonable sized small potato.  It was time to do the big reveal I thought.

Bag 1 - no incredicrop

So this is the harvest from bag 1 with no incredicrop:
Not very many and quite small.  The bag was not ready.  What should I do?  Stuff them back in?  Give up altogether??  I did what I usually do and carried on regardless.

Bag 2 - incredicrop

This is the harvest from bag 2:
There are more, but some are smaller.  Given a chance they would/could have been bigger.

Because even with new potatoes size does matter, pea-sized spuds are not the aim.  I had prematurely furtled and whilst it can happen to anyone, and whilst it does not matter in the scheme of things and I have successfully grown potatoes in the past; it was still disappointing especially as it was my own fault.

So not a great outcome, it just proves I'm a still learning as a vegetable grower and I need to try harder.  I can say that the boast of incredicrop producing more tubers looks correct, but I cannot say anything more conclusive.  I nearly did not bother to write this final post, I considered letting the challenge be forgotten, but in the spirit of learning from my own mistakes I thought I should carry on regardless.

I am going to try growing potatoes in bags again, next year I will get it right as it should have been a good sized crop and they take up far less space growing them this way.  I am definitely converted to this method of growing.

Part 1  Bagging up

Part 2  Emergence


  1. Well that is a shame, but you've learned so much! Good luck next time around


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