Irritating Plant of the Month - July 2016

I took a few turns around the garden to see which plant I would consider most irritating this month.  Then, suddenly, my eyes fell upon my Rosa Gloire de dijon.  I bought this rose back in 2011 and I was very pleased with it.  I bought it because I am very fond of the DH Lawrence poem of the same name.  I even wrote about it I was so pleased to own it.  Oh smugness, what a downfall lays ahead of thee, sadly the rose has not lived up to expectations.
Hang on a minute, I hear you say, that can't be it, you said you bought this rose five years ago!  Exactly, that is my point.  This rose has struggled from day one.  It has produced a couple of flowers but nothing spectacular.  Last year I thought it was dead.  It died down pretty much completely and I gave up on it altogether.  I added it to my list of 'I might buy another next year and find somewhere else to site it'.

Then suddenly I noticed there was new growth.  So I have been feeding it liquid seaweed and talking to it lovingly.  But it is still annoying as there are no buds this year and I have little confidence that it will ever amount to much.

So I may well buy another in the autumn to try in another part of the garden.

Which plant has been irritating you this month?  Use the comments box to let me know so we can share our irritations.


  1. A beautiful rose which grew up the side of our three storey house in London and flowered fantastically. Maybe it's just not happy and you should give it away - maybe to a Londoner with a big bare wall?

    1. I think it might die before I get a chance

  2. You win some, you lose some. We all "have" a plant (I "have" several that others would call thuggish!) that we just cannot grow successfully. Though it looks like it has some competition. Maybe clear a circle around it?

  3. Well, I've just come in from trimming twenty-five metres of the privet that the previous owners planted and we've still not got a landscaper to agree to rip out.

    I appreciate that this privet irritates me almost every day of every month, but as I've just found a privet leaf in my hair, this time round it surely deserves a special mention....

  4. I use Hanley Rose Nursery in Sheffield great roses and family run. I always remember their advice 'a rose will soon let you know if it is happy once planted, if not you need to move it' worth a try.


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