Tree following -'It came off in my hand mum'

We are now at that tense time of the year.  The frosts are now hopefully over, though there is still a chill in the evening air at times.
The quincelets are forming, they can be seen as little bulges.
This one seems to be doing quite well, I breathe gently when I am near it.
There is also still blossom appearing, this is very good news.
This quincelet looks hopeful.

But don't touch them or they fall off.
It reminds me of when I was younger and if I had fallen over or such like and said to my father 'it hurts when I do this, he would unfailingly reply 'then stop doing it'.  Every time I touch a quincelet it falls off, so I have stopped touching them.

More positively there is sign of growth as the tree has new shoots forming.
Every year the tree gets a bit more mature, the more hopeful my quest for a quince gets. I'm keeping my fingerscrossed.

More trees that are being followed can be found here


  1. Let's just pretend the ones that have fallen off so far are a special kind of June drop. We could call it "Alison drop" instead!

    The blossom looks lovely: all crinkly and almost "stellata". I know you're wishing for fruit, but from this distance away from your jam saucepan I'm content with the blossom as a treat in itself!

  2. Excellent! You had me going for a moment there with that headline - I thought you had lost the lot!
    Fingers crossed :)

  3. Ah, so I know not to touch my quincelets! Fingers crossed for the rest.

  4. I hardly dare look at mine... fingers crossed.


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