Thompson and Morgan Jazzy Potato Growbag Challenge 2 - Emergence

It has been a few weeks since I planted up my grow bags each with the single Jazzy potato. You may recall that the point of this challenge is that one bag is just compost and then other contains Thompson and Morgan's Incredicrop. I thought I should give you an update on progress.

It took about four weeks for the potatoes to show some growth:

Bag 1 - no incredicrop
and Bag 2 with Incredicrop
The more eagle-eyed among you might think that there is more growth showing from the un-incredicrop bag.   There may be many reasons for this and of course, the challenge is not about which one can produce the most leaves, it is which one can produce the most potatoes.  However, this made challenge become rather interesting....

Skip ahead another three weeks, which have involved a huge amount of rain and the potatoes look like this:
It is more difficult to tell a difference now, but the one without incredicrop is on the left and the one with is on the right.  I think the one on the right has slightly darker green leaves, but this could be just the light as I am looking at it.  The leaves have been a bit chewed by slugs, but with the recent weather there are few things that they haven't tried to tackle.

So the challenge continues.  I have not cheated and tried feeling the bags in that 'what is this christmas present, can I tell if I shake it' type way.  Not too many weeks to go now before they should be ready to harvest.

Part 1 - Bagging up

Part 3 - Too soon