Product Review: Outdoor Baby Bio Flower and Shrubs - Week 4, the outcome

Week four has arrived of the Outdoor Baby Bio Flower and Shrubs challenge.  Way back in week one the claim was that in four weeks the plant that I was feeding with the Outdoor Baby Bio would have 70% more flowers.
Plant number 1 - unfed Pelagonium Sidoides - no flowers.
Plant number 2 - fed Pelagonium Sidoides - no flowers either, but it is more lush though it has also flopped a bit.

Plant number 3
Unfed Fuchsia Rapunzle - looking a big pale and wan and no flowers.

Plant number 4
Fed Fuchsia Rapunzle, looking a bit hot and bothered and......
some rather nice buds forming on it.  It would be fair to say 100% more buds than on the unfed plant.

So what has this trial taught me.

Firstly - it would probably work better if it had not been a really cold month, the sun only appeared towards the end.

Secondly - Pelagonium Sidoides was a stupid choice for the test and not a plant that appreciates being fed like this.  The Fuchsia however is far happier with this sort of test and responded well.  Choose your plant wisely when you are looking to feed them and feed them appropriately.

Am I happy with how the Outdoor Baby Bio performed?  Yes I am, as said in the first post of this challenge I have used the indoor product for many years and I have always been happy with it; this outdoor product is just as good.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3