End of Month Review - June 2016

It is hard to write a post about the end of June without making some surprised reference to being half way through the year.  I shall resist the temptation.

June has been quite warm, fairly sunny and very rainy.  The rain has encouraged a lot of lush growth and a lot of slugs.  Many seedlings have been eaten and I imagine that the sales of organic (and inorganic) slug pellets have rocketed.

Meanwhile in the front garden....
One of my favourite roses, (by the way all the roses I grow are my favourites, it sort of goes with the territory), Leda is growing well by the front gate.  It scents the path as I walk up to the house.
The Knot Garden has had its first trim of the year and looks neater.
On the front door step currently is this bowl of Verbena purple sparkles and Bacopa 'Blue Hollyhock'.  They have been flowering for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with them.
This is Rosa Graham Thomas, I do not show him very often, but he sits there quietly by the front hedge just being a rather wonderful yellow.
Around the corner by the house there are rather a lot of fuchsias and sharpies (agaves), plus an aloe and an aeonium cutting.
Further around to the backgarden there is a collapsed Rosa 'Claire Austin' and a rather disgruntled ginger cat (Bruce).
The Long Shoot is looking more colourful now, if not rather blousy.  I like blousy.
The Conservatory Border is coming together, the Rosa Blythe Spirit is a good pale yellow, there are foxgloves seeded about and a small brown, somewhat cross, cat (Esme).
and along a bit there is the Bermuda Triangle that leads up to the Prairie Borders and along to the Dancing Lawn.  This area is briefly rather shady and I rather like this, I get that dark/light moment that I admire in other gardens.
The Spring Border is now the 'rather over it and rather shady' border.  It has a June pause.
The Prairie Borders are getting on with it and are growing well.  It all looks a bit linear from this angle, which I do not remember doing and looking at it now I clearly did.
The Exotic Border (for that is what it will be) looks still rather a lot like it is the Tree Lupin Border,  The bamboos are doing well and you can see a glimpse of banana.  I live in high hopes for this border this year, if (and it is a big if) the slugs do not eat everything.
The Wild Garden is looking pretty wild.
and the Bog Garden is looking lusher than lush.
and the dancing lawn is framed by the Rosa Wild Edric growing up the apple tree and Bruce pretending to be a lion.
The pergola, which rots a little more every day, is managing to hold up the hanging basket that is currently trialing some begonias.
When I look down I see the purple Selfheal.  I think it is so pretty, I set the mower blades to not damage it too much and the bees love it.
The Four sisters are doing well.  The Carol Klein acer enjoyed the mild winter.  The edgeworthia survived another winter and the Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile' is having its moment of glory.  The other shrub, whose name currently escapes me, is just looking green.  I will find its name in time for when it flowers, promise.
In the Fernery Esme waits on the Boy Who Waited, it is her favourite posing plinth.
In the veg borders the slugs are trying to win.  Some sweetcorn remains and some tomatoes.
and the greenhouse is starting to look a bit empty.  Things are getting planted out.
I end, of course, on the pond.  It is full, very full.  Full of water, tadpoles, froglets and a newt or two.  It is also now looking quite a bit more clear, this is good.

A big thank you to Helen for hosting this meme as ever.


  1. Everything has taken a beating with recent rains, then the slugs have moved in and not stopped eating everything....

    Hoping for some sun soon.

    1. We definitely need a spell of warmer drier weather.

  2. Your garden is looking very beautiful after all the rain, I think the plants have appreciated it all! I like your Knot Garden and the Long Shoot best, we have Self Heal in our lawn too, it looks ever so pretty!

  3. Self-heal is one of my all time favourite flowers.

  4. Garden is my favorite place to spend time. I really like this. Thanks for this post.


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