Tree Following - May be or May not......

So we have reached May.  Before we got to May we kept having frost.  Sometimes quite a bit of frost.

I worry for my quincelets.
The quince blossom is now opening, some of it looks perfect like this.  Blossoms like this one give me hope.
Some look a little splayed, now this may be ok, but it might be a sign of not being ok.
Some look wizened.  I am not sure when wizened is ever used in a positive context, it is not a good sign.
Some blossom has yet to open, this gives me considerable hope.  I hope that these are not damaged by the recent frost and still have a chance.
I stare at the bases of the petals to see if that is a pre-quincelet, it could be.
Even this one, which looks a bit frost damaged, might have a bit of a pre-quince.....

I can only hope.

More trees being following can be found here thanks to Squirrelbasket.