Product Review - Outdoor Baby Bio: Flowers and Shrubs - Week 1

I have been asked to trial the new Baby Bio made by Bayer that is for outdoor use, which is called Outdoor Baby Bio Shrubs and Flowers.  I have used the Baby Bio indoor plant food for almost as long as I can remember, I have always found it reliable and much appreciated by my pot plants.  I was therefore happy to give the outdoor version a go.  I have to say upfront this is not an organic product, so if you are an organic gardener this product is not going to attract.

The trial asks me to use two identical pots and feed one with the outdoor Baby Bio and the other with ordinary water.  They very kind provided a rather dinky little watering can to use for the plant food.
I then had to think which plants to try it on.  I chose two Pelagonium sidoides:
The one with the lollipop stick is the one that has had the Baby Bio,
This one has had ordinary rain water from the water butt.

I am supposed to get 70% more flowers from the fed plant.  I shall water/feed them weekly and I will report back on progress.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4