Product Review - Outdoor Baby Bio Flower and Shrubs Week 2

Last week I started the Outdoor Baby Bio Flower and Shrub challenge.  The challenge is meant to take four weeks so we are now, I suppose, half way.

So how are we doing?

Plant 1, avec lollipop stick, is the one that is being fed with the Baby Bio.
As you can see it has put on rather a lot of new green leaf.

Plant 2 - no lollipop, no Baby Bio:
Not hugely different from how it looked last week.

Now it does has to be said that the one that is being fed has flopped a bit, the new growth has made it a bit lax, but nonetheless, there is clearly a difference.

I wonder what next week will bring....

Week 1

Week 3

Week 4


  1. An interesting experiment, Alison. It looks as if the one without the Baby Bio is the stronger plant even though not so green.

    1. Thanks for the comment, yes I am keeping an eye on whether the 'BB' plant is feeling over fed - getting a bit beyond itself. I'm wondering it it will balance out.


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