Product Review - Gardman Nature Trellis

I was contacted by Gardman and asked I would like to review a product for them.  After a bit of thought I chose their Nature Trellis.  It was quite an easy choice for me as I had already been looking at this trellis and thinking it was rather pretty.

It is not as heavy as you might expect even though it is made from iron.  It has good spiked feet that mean it slips into the ground easily and I have to say also quite stabily (I am not sure that is a word).  It is 1.5m tall and 0.4m wide.  This is a good handy size, a few in a row would make a wonderful screen but one on its own is enough to make a feature.
I decided to place mine in my newly being planted up Exotic Border.  I thought that a bit of structure would be good in that border.  I think it looks ok, I will be able to tell better when the border is more at its peak so there will be further updates as the season develops.

I decided to plant the Chilean Glory Vine (Eccremoncarpus scaber) to scramble up it.  I bought this plant a few weeks ago at a plant fair and I knew I wanted something to grow it up in the Exotic Border.
The vine rewarded me by immediately starting to flower.  That has to be a good omen.
I love the birds that form part of the design, it is these little birds that made me want the trellis, they are a very nice detail.

I am very pleased with this trellis.  I think it is the just right mix of being beautiful and practical.  I am happy to recommend it.