Hortus Romam 2 - Hadrian's Villa

Day two of the Roman adventure took us to Villa Adriana in Tivoli.  I had seen Monty visit this place on his Italian Garden programme and I was looking forward to seeing it in reality.  It was not at all what I expected.  I shall explain...

I knew that it was not a 'garden' as such but more of a landscape/built area.  What I had not appreciated was what a tiny part of a such a massive complex that it is.

Of course I got distracted.
When I should have been looking at beautifully made Roman walls I was admiring this avenue of cypress trees.
Then when I should have been looking at something else, don't ask me what, I was looking at olive trees.
and then at a lizard.  My archaeological prowess is legendary, (well, it doesn't exist and that like a lot of legends isn't it?)
There were these rather nice pillars leading to a large pond (canal?)
I did look at the ruins too and I did admire them.  The mosaic floors were astonishing in their beauty and completeness.
But look, there's a really old olive tree, isn't it an amazing shape.  The orange mesh is actually orange mesh and should not be confused with a drift of poppies.
This olive tree has either split in two with age, or has always been two trees.
At one point when our poor, mainly perplexed, guide was trying to get us to look at another bit of ruin, we could be found taking photographs of these orchids growing as weeds in the grass.
I might have spent a little too long trying to decide if this self-sown weed was some sort of fig.
The views across the ruins were stunning.
Eventually after a good hour we reached the bit that Monty had visited,
There are many statues,
some of which are distinctly cheeky.
I loved the Canopus statues,
and the crocodile was just wonderful.
but then I got distracted by two cypress trees and an iris growing wild.

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