For a few muscari more

The year before last I planted 100 muscari to create a stream of blue running through the Wild Garden.
The 100 were Muscari armeniacum and they came up well and flowered for quite a long period of time.  I knew that 100 were unlikely to make the impact that I wanted and this was indeed the case.  I am not intending moving so adding some every year is no great chore until I get to the mass I have mind.  So last year in went 25 Muscari azureum and 25 Muscari armeniacum Valerie Finnis. 
So am I still a bit underwhelmed?  Well yes, there is less of a stream of blue, more of a trickle.  But, and this is the big but, it is slightly more of a trickle than last year and I live in hope that they will be self-seeding at some point too.

The addition of Valerie Finnis has made me very happy, it has worked really well with the darker coloured forms.  I paused for a moment to find out who it is named after as I admit I was not aware of the name.  I found her obituary here - she was clearly quite a woman and so this is a fitting plant to be named after her.  

Later on this year I will add probably another 100 or so, but so far so good.  One day the trickle will pick up momentum to be the stream (river?) I have in my mind.