Tree following - time marches on

The Quince Tree is refusing to take any notice of the recent frosty nights and continues to unfurl.
Whether I get fruit or not from this tree this year I do admire how it gracefully unfurls its leaves.  You can see that they are slightly downy and they are a wonderfully fresh spring green.
At the moment they are delicately arranged along the branches in a wafty sort of way.  The blossom buds are still quite covered so I am hoping they have not been damaged by frost.
As soon as the frosts are finished and the blossoms start to really appear I am going to start feeding this tree with liquid seaweed.  This year it will have no excuses not to hang on to its quincelets.  This year I await the transition from quinclet to quinceling that then will eventually be a fully fledged quince.

I shall hold off polishing the runcible spoon just yet.

Thanks as ever to for hosting this meme