Tree Following - February 2016 Some Day My Quince Will Come

or should it be 'The Unfurling'?

Some day my quince will come
Some day I'll find my love
And how thrilling that moment will be
When the quince of my dreams comes to me  (with more apologies than are possible to Frank Churchill and Larry Morey)

The early Spring continues a pace, we have had a touch of frost, a sprinkle of snow, but generally it has rained and been mild.  The quince tree is responding to this by slowly starting to unfurl.  The young growth is emerging like Gypsy Rose Lee in the film 'Gypsy' peeling off her long evening gloves.  Expectation is everything, speed matters and I wonder, oh I wonder, if it is all just not a little too soon.
Are you my quince?

Are you my quince??

Are you, the more cautious, the less obvious and the slow starter, my quince.

Hi ho - time will tell.

More trees that are being followed can be found at The Squirrelbasket  the generous current host of this meme.