Snowdrops at Easton Walled Gardens

This was my fourth visit to Easton Walled Gardens at snowdrop time, it has become an annual event that I look forward to very much.  This year I was lucky to be invited to their press launch and award ceremony for the winner of the 'Essence of Summer' photography competition that they ran last year.
It was the most beautiful sunny day when I visited.  I stood, as I always do, for a moment to look at the walled garden.  I love this view, I have my musing moment about Alice through the Looking Glass and then I am ready to move on.
The gardens were shining in the sunlight, it really was one of those days when being outside on a crisp winter's day was a total joy.
and of course there are snowdrops ...
... silver streams of them....
.... small clumps ....
... ones that like giraffes.....
ones running down banks,
ones running up banks,
I have no idea how many there are here, but they spread themselves around beautifully.
They mingle with daffodils,
and play nicely with hellebores.
It felt almost like a Spring day.
and there were signs of planning ahead for the main season.  This area on terraced lawns, has been scoured to make it less fertile so that wild flowers can be grown here. I look forward to seeing this area in a few months time.  The terraced lawns look rather wonderful in high summer with their wildflowers so seeing this area develop is exciting.
I am also looking forward to Sweet Pea Week, the frames are there ready and waiting in the Pickery.
I had a really good time wandering around and course I bought some snowdrops to remind me of my visit.
Snowdrops from Easton Walled Gardens are planted into the Spring Border.  I know when I look at the snowdrops in that border where they have come from.  It always raises a smile.

The snowdrop week runs from the 13th to 21st February- and attracts visitors from all around the world.  This year there’s the chance to join expert-led tours of the gardens with inveterate galanthophile Jackie Murray.  Booked in the advance, the tours run on 13th, 16th and 18th Feb- in the mornings, before the gardens open to the public. These special tours cost £20 (£15 for RHS and Friends of EWG). Visitors will be able to study the different forms of snowdrops and learn how best to grow them. The tours include tea/coffee and homemade cake, a comprehensive guidebook of the gardens and a bunch of snowdrop bulbs to take home and plant in your own garden.
 More details about booking from  or phone 01476 530063
Admission prices are £7 for adults and £3 for children. Friends of EWG  have free entry, and discounted tickets for the expert-led tours.  Easton Walled Gardens, Easton, Near Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG33 5AP.


  1. It was a lovely day, and you've perfectly captured it here. I think the giraffe photo is my favourite. Always makes me smile.

    1. I am very fond of the giraffes - I always have to say hello to them.


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