Snowdrop Kokedama

I first saw kokedama being described on Gardeners' World earlier in the year.  Kokedama is a plant that is growing in a ball of moss, held together with string and then tied up so that they dangle.  Just think 1970s macrame plant hangers but with a twist (or should I say more moss?).  I confess I was not totally bowled over by what  I saw of them and dismissed them to the back of my mind.

I went to Easton Walled Gardens the other day where I saw some close up for the first time.
and I was rather taken with them, particularly as they were so simple and understated with these snowdrops gracefully nodding in them.
They formed part of this rather wonderful entrance display.  I am also not a huge fan of hanging baskets, but....
..... these are a cut above the usual hanging-basket-fare.
These small clumps were sconced onto the wall.
and these baskets with cyclamen and hellobores formed part of the display.  I would never had thought of baskets like this and I thought they were wonderful in their simplicity and use of plants.
I was hugely taken with the whole effect.  I think I might be a convert.

These beautiful creations were made by Alexandra.

More about visiting Easton Walled Gardens to see snowdrops can be found here.


As I was writing this I was humming CopaCabana by Barry Manilow, well, actually I was humming CocaCabana, a song Barry Manilow did not write but I have misheard for the past 38 years.  It was only when double checking I was spelling it correctly for this blog that I learned my mistake.  I gift this earworm to you, pronounced however you wish.


  1. I thought the hanging and wall baskets were a great idea too.

  2. I like this, although I don't think I would have the patience or dexterity to make one. I'm "cag-handed", as my mum so generously describes it. Thanks for the ear worm, no seriously thanks, the associated dancing will keep me warm on this (another) horrid day. :)

    1. Yes I don't think I could make them either - I'm not coordinated enough.

  3. Her name was Lola... Lovely blog as ever, I'm quite Taken with those meself!

  4. They are rather fun. And presumably, at this time of year, self watering.

    1. I imagine so - some were hanging quite high up - they'd be a devil to water.

  5. Was a Barry Manilow earworm really necessary? I gift you this in return



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