A life less wonky

The pergola has been an integral part of my garden for a long time now, I cannot remember exactly when it was constructed, but I think it was within the first twelve months.  It makes a nice division point across the garden and once I added the pleached hornbeams either side, I was really happy with how it worked.
It is a feature much enjoy by Esme as well, she can view the world from on high and growl at it.  It had a few false starts in the 'what shall I grow up this' states.  I currently have a nice couple of clematis that grow up it.  So you can imagine my unhappiness when after the earlier storms of this year the pergola took on a wonky aspect.
It was definitely leaning to the right, not something I want to associate with my garden I can assure you.

Firstly I did a bit of screw tightening.  This helped a little but it was clear that the right front leg was loose in its footings and needed proper attention.  I am not the most DIY of people so I had a moment of 'oh crikey what I am going to do with this?'.  Then I remembered a company I saw on Twitter fairly often that sold thingys to restore leaning fences.  I had a quick search down my timeline and I found them: Post Buddy.  A few twitter messages later and I had the information that I needed to make a decision.  Now I have to say that this system is not designed for fixing wonky pergolas like mine.  The posts on my pergola are quite thin but, importantly, they are set in concrete and that matters as that is the key to success.
A purchase was made and shortly afterwards a long thin, but more heavy than I expected, arrived. I rushed outside, lump hammer and cordless screwdriver in hand and set to work.
and look, look, it has worked.  It is less wonky.  Esme tested it fairly quickly and it withstood her weight and I can give it a gentle waggle and it barely moves.  This is all good........
........ for now; for yes dear reader there is a problem.  A fundamental problem, for not only is there something rotten in the state of Denmark (Hamlet) there is something very rotten about the pergola.  To say its days are numbered is accurate.  It will shortly be irreparable and then I will have to make a decision.  Do I replace like with like or should I just extend the pleached hornbeams?

Time, as ever, which includes a huge dose of whim, will tell.

and of course when writing this all I can think about is Ant and Dec playing Wonky Donky.


  1. I've got the same problem. I suspect the clematis and ivy is holding mine up. I daren't prune it back!

  2. It worked, well done! I can't advise on a long term solution, however, it would be a shame to lose it and it's respective climbers.


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