Tree Following - The Quince Perseveres

It is December and most of the trees that have a wish to have given up their leaves.
The quince tree has decided to keep hold of its for a bit longer.
One of the glories of quince trees is that they are usually one of the first in the garden to leaf up and one of the last to let go.  We have even had some quite strong winds recently, almost gales, but still these leaves have clung on.  I am impressed by their tenacity.
The red of the stalks glows in the dull December daylight.
I peer at the buds already forming for next year and I whisper to them 'quince for me, quince for me'.
Esme thinks I am deranged.

Time will tell.  As each year passes the quest for the quince gets nearer to fruition (did you see what I did there?) (sorry) (not sorry).

Thanks to Squirrel basket for hosting this meme.


  1. Lovely red stalks, glowing for winter!

  2. Is that a famous old saying, quince for me, quince for me?
    Anyway, I don't think you are deranged!
    Lovely leaves, lovely stalks, lovely buds.
    Hope your quest bears fruit in 2016...
    All the best :)

  3. Best wishes for a quince-filled 2016 ;-)


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