Still flowering

Back in October I wrote about how happy my Brugmansia was making me as it had begun to flower.  I brought it into the house in November as I started to worry about frost.  This was a bit of a premature worry as there has been about one night of frost so far, but it means that the plant is happy and protected from the cold indoors.  It has responded by rewarding me with further flowers.
Look, two of them, two beautiful large flowers.  To say I am delighted does not come close.
and there is the promise of more to come.  This is the joy of gardening, the caring for plants and having them respond.  Also at the moment when the days are short, generally grey, often rainy and lacking sun, it is a real bright spark of hope to see this in flower and it is now very much the Brugmansia of Happiness.  Happy happy, joy joy.


  1. It is joy indeed! Well done Alison. Mum and I have tried and failed several times. We will not give up! That scent is amazing. No wonder they are called Angel's trumpets.

  2. these are known in my family as the plants I love more than my children. Couldn't possibly comment...

  3. Very nice!

    Here in Texas my brugs are still going strong, too. We've had abnormally warm weather in between some colder temps, but they will freeze to the ground come a good freeze. But! They always come back!

    Enjoy your Brugmansia of Happiness!

  4. I must try again, yours is so beautiful, well done!
    Wishing you lots of gardening happiness in 2016.


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