If I had a time machine .....

.... where and when would I visit?
1. My own garden, maybe stopping off in 10 year leaps, tracking it right back to before the house was built.

2. I would then follow back all the other gardens I have lived with. 

3.  I would visit Great Dixter from day 1 probably leaping forward every ten years for another visit.

4. I would visit Miss Jekyll at Munstead Wood. 

5.  I would go to the opening of The Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace.  

6. I would visit Portmeirion in the time of Adelaide Haigh and then visit again when Noel Coward was there writing Blythe Spirit. I would find time to have a chat with Sir Clough too.

7. I would leapfrog around my family's past gardens, from parents to grandparents to great grandparents.   

8. I would visit Groudle Glen on the Isle of Man. At the height of its popularity c.1900.

9. I would visit Calke Abbey through the centuries to see how the gardens developed and changed to what they are now.

10. and then, more Dorothy than Doctor Who, I would click my heels together three times in my ruby slippers and return to now.

Of course I could think think of another ten and then another ten, but this was what sprung to mind as my first thoughts.  Where would you go?  If we can get enough agreement maybe we can charter a charabang trip on the time bus......


  1. I would certainly join you in the first four, I would add Gravetye Manor when William Robinson was there( it is good now) and then, there are so many to choose from!

    1. That's a really good suggestion, I think that's now top of the second list - thanks

    2. Levens Hall when the Topiary was about 10 years old to see it in scale with its surroundings - and no noisy road!

    3. Oh yes, that would be great, I visited there a few years ago and it would be fascinating to see it develop through the decades/centuries


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