A window into the garden

It's that time of year again, that time when I only see the garden usually at weekends.  I have likened it to Brigadoon before as it disappears into the murk on a Sunday evening only to reappear usually the following Saturday.

My back garden is, funnily enough, to the rear of the house.  Over the years, I have developed the habit of opening the bathroom window in the mornings to have the first look of the day at the garden.  I even do this at this time of year even though it is dark which is a bit pointless, but I do it nonetheless as I can sometimes see the outline of the trees or I can gauge whether it is misty or not.

At the weekends I get up much later usually, this is rather nice and it also means it is pretty much light.  So I open the window and there it is,
It is a rainy day when I took this photograph, actually rainy is an understatement, it is stair-rods of rain.  But there it is, looking autumnal but quite colourful in a browny/autumnal way.  It has that rain-sodden, squelchy, waterlogged almost translucent look that it takes on after considerable amounts of rain.  I know that I am lucky as whilst my garden is soggy, some parts of the UK are getting badly flooded from this rain.  
I like this view as, despite the flat roof bit protruding, I get an good overall idea of what the garden is up to.   I can also see if some bits are working as I want from a distance.  Walking around the garden gives a different view from the higher one, it is a different perspective and I need to think about both views when thinking about making changes.  I sometimes when I am thinking about making a change, stop and run upstairs to look out of the window.  I even move from bathroom to spare room to do this as it gives a slightly different angle.

This window into the garden matters, other windows are available but this one opens the most easily.  Other windows give a better view but they do involve me wandering into the spare room which most mornings I do not have time or inclination for a variation of route.  The doors are next to each other, and yet I am too lazy for this five second detour.

So I busy myself whilst waiting for the rain to stop, but I have already made my daily connection and I will think about what I can do when I can finally get out there. It has been raining and often blowing half a gale for the past few weekends so I feel I have not really seen my garden for weeks.  I miss it, I need it and I am hoping that today's rain stops long enough so that I can at least get a walk around it.


  1. I have enlarged the photos to have a better view from your bathroom to the garden. It was amazing, I can imagine the first glance in the morning is a look outof the window on this huge and lovely garden.

  2. That's a great view from your window. I did something similar when I worked full time. It's good to feel a connection to the garden, even if only brief, at this time of year.

    When I was planning my design, I took a lot of photos from my study window, as well as on the ground, and it really helped me to learn about my site in a much better way than if I just took photos from the ground.

    I like the Brigadoon connection. If only Gene Kelly could appear one Saturday and dance around your garden with you :D


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