The Trial - 12 A new rose

I really need to keep up to date with these trial posts, next year I will do better!

Late-ish last year I was sent a 9cm pot containing Rose 'For Your Eyes Only'.  It was tiny as you would expect in a 9cm pot.  I dutifully planted it out but, I will be honest here, I had seen some pictures of this rose and I was not sure.

All year I have fed and looked after the rose, but like many roses in its first year of planting it did not reward me with much growth.  I was not surprised at this as I think it takes roses a year or two to really settle in.

Then suddenly a bud appeared.  I got rather excited about this.  I watched it and watched and then it opened.
I was pleasantly surprised, I rather like this.  I will be interested to see how it develops next year, but so far I am pleased with it.  It also has the bonus of having a free 'earworm' with it, ah Sheena Easton.....

I note that on the website these are now available as bare root plants.  This is a much better way of buying them and I am sure these will be a) larger and b) settle in better.


  1. Un unusually coloured rose, but very pretty!

    1. Thanks, it is unusual but definitely looks better in situ than it does in photos

  2. Dear Alison
    I bought a trio of roses including this one (together with Blue Eyes (which is more purple than blue, but still unusual and is still flowering now) and Bright as a Button). They were bare root plants but the quality on arrival didn't look that great and one was dead, but I was eventually sent a replacement after a few emails. However, much to my surprise, the roses grew well during the summer and flowered beautifully considering it was their first year. They had a slight scent but and had pretty open flowers. I had planted them in pots, so that may have helped. I look forward to seeing how they do next year.
    Best wishes

    1. Dear Ellie

      Thanks for this, certainly the one I received was tiny. It's interesting if your bare root ones also struggled. I'll be interested to see how mine does next year.


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