The Trial - 12 A new rose

I really need to keep up to date with these trial posts, next year I will do better!

Late-ish last year I was sent a 9cm pot containing Rose 'For Your Eyes Only'.  It was tiny as you would expect in a 9cm pot.  I dutifully planted it out but, I will be honest here, I had seen some pictures of this rose and I was not sure.

All year I have fed and looked after the rose, but like many roses in its first year of planting it did not reward me with much growth.  I was not surprised at this as I think it takes roses a year or two to really settle in.

Then suddenly a bud appeared.  I got rather excited about this.  I watched it and watched and then it opened.
I was pleasantly surprised, I rather like this.  I will be interested to see how it develops next year, but so far I am pleased with it.  It also has the bonus of having a free 'earworm' with it, ah Sheena Easton.....

I note that on the website these are now available as bare root plants.  This is a much better way of buying them and I am sure these will be a) larger and b) settle in better.