A Sheffield Pitstop - part one

This time of year I have to go to a conference that is work related.  I am lucky that it has so far been in nice interesting places that always have a good garden or two to stop off at on the way home.  It has been rumoured that I might leave a little early sometimes to ensure I get to visit a garden but this is just a myth.  Once I arrived at the conference I started thinking about what garden could I visit that was on the way home.  After some consideration and a twitter discussion about where I might go, I plumped for a pitstop in Sheffield.  It was on the way home and broke the journey up neatly in half.

First on the list was to go to the Winter Gardens.  These are in the City Centre and so I found my way there, parked up and wandered off to find them.  I wandered a little bit too much but eventually realised I was closer than I thought.  I might (did) walk in rather a large circle.
The Winter Gardens are a fantastic structure.  Inside there are plants(derr) and some cafes and shops.
Some of the planting is wonderfully colourful.  It is a much used cliche to liken bright flowers to fireworks, but I think it is apt for these.
I had a moment of tree-fern envy.  I bought a little tree fern the other month, but I am seriously considering getting a larger one as well.  It is time I replaced my dead tree fern, it has been dead for a good six years now and it is time the mourning should end.  I say mourning, it is more like an unrealistic hope that it might magically spring back into life.  I really have to let go of this hope.
There was also a nice bit of palmage as well.
Plus other plants like this that I do not know the name of, nice though isn't it?
Finally there was this terrifying puppet hiding in a tree waiting to jump out at me.  It is terrifying, not that  I am not completely automatonphobic, (some of my best friends are not puppets but....) it has to be considered that puppets and dolls that magically come to life do have the capacity to give me a little fright.

I enjoyed my stop-off in the city, but thought I would move on as my desire for garden-based recharging was not yet complete.  After a day and a half stuck in a conference room I needed more fresh air to clear my head.  I moved on to the Botanic Gardens which will be the subject of part two.


  1. I enjoyed seeing this beautiful Winter garden in Sheffield. Love the structure, of course the plants but I don't like that terrifying puppet, haha.

  2. The Winter garden does indeed look very special. Good place to sneak off to, and somehow convenient to be in the centre of the city.

  3. Looks like a good place to visit, especially on a chilly day. Look forward to your next post, as I know absolutely nothing about Sheffields Botanic Gardens....


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