Tree following: its October all of a sudden

Seriously?  October already?  That means I will be making the Christmas cake soon.
I go outside and stare at the Quince Tree.  I try not to make cross noises at it for not producing a quince this year, but I do gently remind it that a quince tree without quinces is basically just a tree.  It lacks its core raison d'ĂȘtre and whilst I will still love it as it has other charms, it really should turn its mind to a bit of fruit production.  I am, of course, being churlish.

The tree continues to ignore me anyway and is concentrating its efforts either on staying green, or on embracing Autumn, or possibly both.
I love the speckled nature of how the leaves turn yellow.  The red veining is also a beautiful detail.  Lack of fruit aside, it is a tree worth growing.
This time of year I focus in on the detail of the leaves and stalks.  I am glad of this time stood in front of it, it reminds me that a tree is more than its fruit (but, note above, a quince would be nice).

Thanks as ever to Lucy for hosting this meme, a forest of stalked trees can be found here. 


  1. The red veins are so interesting.

  2. I like the red veining too, but goodness, I'd be cross too. I am allowing myself to hope for plums next year. Just one or two. I shall be cross if I don't get any, they have had quite enough time to settle in and get used to my garden...


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