A Brugmansia moment

I bought a bargain Brugmansia last year when visiting Kiftsgate (one of my very favourite gardens).  I have looked after it and coddled it all year, feeding it regularly with liquid seaweed and whispering words of encouragement as I pause to stroke its soft felty leaves.

It decided to reward me.
At first the bud was quite small, but there it was.  I might have (did) emit a tiny squeak of excitement.  It was already nearly September and I hoped it would flower before the first frosts hit.
As the bud fattened up, the signs of the actual flower started to unfurl.  I had no idea what colour it was going to be and at this point I suspected it might be yellow.  I had no problem with this, I wanted a flower, colour was immaterial.
After what felt an age there was enough sun to make the flower start to open a little bit more,
and then wham, there it was, a beautiful ivory flower.
It was so worth the wait.  Just as this flower is fading another bud is nearly open, but now I have brought it inside as the nights are creeping colder.