A Brugmansia moment

I bought a bargain Brugmansia last year when visiting Kiftsgate (one of my very favourite gardens).  I have looked after it and coddled it all year, feeding it regularly with liquid seaweed and whispering words of encouragement as I pause to stroke its soft felty leaves.

It decided to reward me.
At first the bud was quite small, but there it was.  I might have (did) emit a tiny squeak of excitement.  It was already nearly September and I hoped it would flower before the first frosts hit.
As the bud fattened up, the signs of the actual flower started to unfurl.  I had no idea what colour it was going to be and at this point I suspected it might be yellow.  I had no problem with this, I wanted a flower, colour was immaterial.
After what felt an age there was enough sun to make the flower start to open a little bit more,
and then wham, there it was, a beautiful ivory flower.
It was so worth the wait.  Just as this flower is fading another bud is nearly open, but now I have brought it inside as the nights are creeping colder.


  1. Beautiful, and isn't the perfume wonderful? I used to have one, must try again.

    1. It's about my third attempt to grow one & get it to flower, I think they're wonderful

  2. Bringing plants in at this time of the year is very sensible. Just ensure that there are no cold draughts if leaving on the window sill. A great place for smaller plants is on top of the fridge if its free standing as the warm air from the motor is great for plants.

    Well done for getting the Brugmansia to flower. :-)


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