Tree following - the September Story

and then we reached September.  Now the focus is the tree itself, I am no longer hoping for a quince as that is now next year's story.  Now it is what is the tree itself doing.
It is sending out new shoots, this new growth must be getting on for eighteen inches.  I am hoping that this growth means that the tree is settled and maturing, maybe next year will be the year of the quince.

I am also aware that I think the tree is getting overshadowed by the field maple that is in the boundary hedge.  I am going to trim it back this Autumn, mainly because it needs it, but also to try and give the quince more of a chance.

I also love this time of year, just before Autumn is really apparent.
I look at the greenness of the leaves and there it is....
..that red line in the veins, Autumn is close and soon but briefly, this tree will shine again.

More trees being followed can be found here: thanks as ever to Lucy for this meme.


  1. It would be interesting to know how many TFs are 'autumn-lovers'. I am such a spring person, despite my love of the bright colours that come in autumn.

  2. It is always good to see new growth! Autumn is my favorite time of year. I am beginning to see just a hint of red in some of the trees here.

  3. Here's a toast to the quince - for a healthy tree and . . . one day . . . hopefully . . . a fruit then a crop.


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