The Octarine Year

Now as I am sure you all know Octarine is the colour of magic, it is the eighth colour in the spectrum and visible only to magicians, witches, children and cats.  If you doubt this then please read some Terry Pratchett quickly, then resume reading.
I am fairly sure, in this the eighth year since moving into this house, that the garden is bathed in a light octarine shimmer.  Only this can explain why when I look at it I get this feeling of magic and wonder and I see beyond the weeds and the scrappy gaps to the garden that I think it should be.

I spent the first few musings on September 10th looking back and thinking about how much has changed.  Now I have reached a turning point as the garden has now really started to mature and I am looking forward to what future developments I can make.  I look at the trees, shrubs and perennials I have planted and think that they are all starting to really grow well.  Plants that were barely twigs when planted are now larger twigs.  I divide the clumps of perennials more and more so that there is repetition of planting that creates a pleasing rhythm.  It is all the more pleasing that it is dividing plants does not cost me money.

I think I would find gardening increasingly unsatisfying if I did not get to see the products of my labour mature.  Television gardening is sometimes criticised for being 'instant gardening', but if you are going to live there for less than five or so years then I think you need something a bit instant.  I am currently lucky in that I do not think I need to move in the near future, however even as I write that I appreciate I do not know what is around the next corner and my next garden might be sooner than I think.

I wonder about how my other gardens now look and they probably are much changed.  My rule is never to return to them because I fear I could not cope with too much change.  I regularly drive past one previous front garden and I chart the height of the magnolia tree that was an 18 inch twig when I planted it and now is a rather fine tree.  Other than that there is never any looking back.

I am watching my garden develop and become what I see in my mind's eye. It is a garden that is growing around me and I am growing into.
So now, in this octarine glow, I look forward to the next twelve months.

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