End of Month Review -September 2015

September has been and gone already and Autumn has arrived with a whoomp of falling leaves.  If I had written this a week ago I would not have said this, but suddenly it is here.   We now have misty mornings and thankfully some beautiful sunny days.  The equinox has been and gone and the days are getting shorter and shorter.  The darkness is upon us.

It has been a busy month for me and I have spent a lot of time (too long) away from the garden.  The garden, however, seems to have coped fairly well with this neglect.
I shall start with a rare view of the front hedge, which is now giving an equally rare view of the house.  It had got very tall (out of control) but after a few good attempts at it, it is now still a bit too tall but getting there.  I need to make sure I keep at it more often but birds do nest in it so for most of the summer it is left untouched.
In the Knot Garden the cypress trees are looking a bit scratty, but I am hoping they will settle in ok.
The Rhamnus that lives under the magnolia is growing suddenly really well.  It needs a bit of a prune now.
I am still pleased with this coreopsis and Petunia exserta combination.  It is now past its best and I need to collect some petunia seeds from it for next year.
The Brugmansia is about to flower.  This is very very exciting.
and I've been thrilled to bits with these fuchsia berries.
The pot collection on the table has got smaller as some have now moved into the greenhouse.  I am not expecting frost just yet, but it is soon now.
The pots in the Courtyard have made me very happy this year.  This area almost looks like I want it to.  Almost.
A look over the formal lawn in the late September sun.  On the day I am taking these photographs it has been a gloriously sunny warm day.  Not many of those days left now I fear.
The borders are looking Autumnal.  The pond border is dominated by this thuggish but beautiful perennial sunflower.  I shall be digging a lot of it out this winter, there will still be plenty next year.  The sedums are also flowering well now.  I divided them earlier this year and planted more along the Pond Border.  The more I grow them the more I like them.  They give good colour, the bees love them and they make fantastic winter structure.  What is not to love?
They just buzz this time of year.
The asters are now flowering well and making their presence known as I look along the Long Shoot.
The Four Sisters have grown really well this year.  The Edgeworthia has probably put on nearly six inches.  This gives me hope that it might get through a cold winter.  I shall be anxiously watching it as usual.
The Tree Lupin border is looking good in the late sun.  The banana plant is shining well and whilst the dahlias have been a bit disappointing this year, I am relatively happy with it.  However I have big plans now for this border.  More will be revealed later......
The Woodland Border is looking quite full and I have been fairly pleased with it this year.  It is coming together quite well now.
The Wild Garden has had its first cut of the season.  I only cut it a few times a year and it always looks rubbish after the first cut.  It will need another cut in a few days time, I have to cut it long and then slowly reduce the height of the lawnmower blades.  It never looks like neat lawn, but that is not my aim so it is not a problem.
The short grass allows the Sorbus cashmeiriana's white berries to gleam in the sun.
The Cercis candensis is still standing to attention and looking better for a bit of staking.
and the Davidia is very much alive.  It is only a foot tall after having a tree fall on it last year, but it is alive.
The Aldi acers are calling Autumn, they have begun to turn,
and this eucalyptus, bought several years ago as a twig, is starting to look like a tree.
In the borders the dill, which has been wonderful this year, is starting to set seed.
and the crocosmia are providing sparks of colour.
I have planted out the Rosa Margaret Merrill, bought from the National Holocaust Centre, into the Pond Border.  I have left the label on for now but it will be removed.  I want to make sure it it properly labelled as it is a rose about not forgetting.
The vegetable borders almost look like I know what I am doing.  I have broccled!  I am harvesting broccoli, which is still a slightly magical concept in my world.
The courgettes have been well mannered this year and the cabbages are coming on well.
There are also some flowers on some late planted broad beans.
The greenhouse is sheltering my tenders: the purchases from my Southern Weekend and my little (they are small and they are not many) agave/succulent collection.
I end as is traditional, and not so shameful as last month, on the pond.  The heaps of parrot weed need removing but the water is visible and after some welcome rain the pond is refilling well.  I am so glad that I have finally sorted it out.

Thanks to Helen as ever for hosting this meme.


  1. Nice end of September photos. Love the view over the formal lawn through the Japanese anemones. I think this year our borders are earlier looking autumnal than last year. When I look back in my old photos of the last few years it's definitely an early autumn year now.
    We have some beautiful sunny days, good for gardening.
    Wish you much pleasure in your garden!

  2. That pot of Coreopsis and Petunia exserta is lovely. I'm not usually a fan of Petunia but you have made it look good.

    Very pretty berries on the fushia. Are they edible ones, or just for the birds? And however do you manage to grow your brassicas without protection?!


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