Product review - Envii Feed and Protect

I was recently contacted by Bio8 to see if I would like to trial their Envii Feed and Protect product, which is a plant food that helps also repel slugs. As there are few plants that cannot benefit from both, I thought it was worth giving it a go.  This product has until fairly recently only been available to commercial growers but now it is possible to buy direct.
I've been trialling the product for a few weeks. It is easy to apply, you just add it to your watering can, following the instructions of course.  So I decided I would try in on my plants in pots as that was a controllable area, I made it my Sunday pot watering routine and I have to say that after a few weeks there was noticeable results. 

These fuchsias have been in this pot for a couple of years, well the white/pink ones near the camera have anyway. They always need a bit of help to get them flowering and the product did the job. 
This pelargonium has responded well as well, you can see lots of new growth coming up from base.
But, I hear you say, but that shows the food but works, what about increasing tolerance to slugs?
As the newly proud owner of a selection of hostas I give you Hosta Rainbows End - looking fantastically healthy and with perfect slugless leaves.  

The product is safe to use around pets and also does not harm other soil dwellers such as earth worms.  It is probiotic and provides micronutrients for the plants.  I think I have given the product a good test and I am certainly happy it has done what it claims to do so I can recommend.