Product Review - Cat and Dog Scatter Granules

Much as I am fond of my cats, I am not fond of them fouling outside especially in the vegetable borders.  I usually put netting over the borders to keep them off when seedlings are small and I have tried a range of other methods to keep them away.  So when I was contacted to see if I wanted trial some cat repellent granules it was a product I was happy to try.
These Cat and Dog Scatter Granules from STV are biodegradable and look like greyish granules.  They do have quite a strong, but definitely not unpleasant, smell to them which is of course how they work.  My strong tip to you is to read the instructions.  Yes I know, no one reads instructions, but if you have a problem with pets fouling a particular area you do need to read the instructions as they work best if you do.

I tried the product over a period of four weeks.  It took a little time and a bit of patience for them to really start to work, but they did do the job.  After about two weeks, which was two or three applications, Bruce had moved his habits on.

I was happy with the product and it did do what it promised (but read the instructions, its not rocket science but don't just assume you know).  I am happy to recommend this product.