Plant trial - Meconopsis nepaulensis

I was contacted a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to trial something for Suttons. I was given a fairly wide choice but the Meconopsis nepaulensis jumped out at me and begged to be chosen.

I expressed my preference and my plant duly arrived. This is one of Suttons' perennial plant range. There is quite a lot of choice in this range with many bring sold in packs of three.  Perennial planting is the backbone of my garden and I wouldn't be without a good selection which is why I was happy to do this trial. 
The plant arrived looking a little dishevelled.  I forgave this as with mail order this is not uncommon. Plants don't really like being shut in a dark box and transported through our mail system.  They do however, generally lack the ability to hold a grudge and perk up pretty quickly.  
I decided to pot the plant on and give it some time to recover. A couple of weeks on and it is doing well.  I am probably not going to plant it out this year but give it some time to bulk up a bit. I should confess I have tried and failed with Meconopsis before so I'm determined to do better this time. 

I am pleased with the plant and I shall report back as to progress. 


  1. Beautiful, I wish you good luck. I failed many time with Meconopsis betonicifolia, after flowering in the most beautiful blue they died in next winter.


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