The Questions - Chris Collins

Chris Collins is a familiar face from television.  I think the first time I remember seeing him was on Gardeners' World when he was the Head Gardener at Westminster Abbey.  Later Chris did a very good series called The Plantsman that I watched avidly.  For many children he is known as the Blue Peter gardener, a role he had until 2013.  Chris has just designed, along with Oli Blanc and Charlotte Salt, the Bronze Medal winning Henri le Worm Community Garden for the Hampton Court Flower Show.  This garden is designed to promote an app that is aimed at linking to the National Curriculum and encouraging children into growing food, nature and gardening.
The Questions

In which garden do you feel happiest?
Benmore Botanic Gardens -  I love  that garden .  Pretty content in my own also ,  never  feel  anything but happy  when I’m in garden
If you could only have five gardening tools, which would they be?
Secateurs .  Spade . Knife . Border  Fork . Rake
If you could only have five garden-related books, which would they be?
RHS Gardening  dictionary . Garden Organic encyclopaedia . RHS  Dictionary of gardening . Hilliars manual of trees & shrubs . Botanica 
What was the most defining moment of your life so far?
Planting  a   Ulmus ‘augustifolia’ in Preston Park 1984
What are you most proud of?
My career
If you won the lottery, what would you do?
At  odds of  16 billion to  one  , don’t  really  give it  much thought .
Who are your garden heroes (no more than three)
Peter  Seabrook .
Roy  Lancaster .
Geoff Hamilton
What skill would you like to learn and why (does not have to be gardening related)
Carpentry -  anything creative and  done  with the hands I find  incredibly satisfying by
If you could visit any garden right this minute, which one would it be?
Benmore Botanic garden
What is your current plant obsession?
In Spring  it  would  be  trees
Which garden tool is never far from your hand?
What is your favourite gardening/plant related word?
What do you wish you could do better?
Plenty of things
What is the most important lesson you have learned so far?
Life is a gift  
What makes a perfect day for you?
The 15  minutes I have  in my  garden at  the start  of  each day
If you had one piece of advice to offer to someone what would it be?
Be kind  but  don’t take  any  nonsense
Gnome or no-gnome?
No  Gnome

A big thanks to Chris for taking part and to Sarah Gartside.

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