Easton Walled Gardens Sweetpea week

Its been sweetpea week at Easton Walled Gardens, which is always a good time to visit.  There are many reasons to visit this garden and sweetpeas are close to the top of the list.
But first stop on any visit for me, is to stand on the remants of the bay window of the now demolished house and look across to the walled garden.  I love this view and on this day the scent from the rambling rose in front of us drifted up and made the view perfect.
The sweetpeas are mainly to be found in the Pickery, but first I am going to show these wonderful borders of cornflowers.  They were just a delight.
But of course the sweetpeas are the main event at the moment, and there are many of them.
Just about every colour you could think of is there,
many many sweetpeas, many of whom go straight onto the list called 'I want to grow this next year'.  This one is definitely on that list, its called Belinensis.  Fab isn't it?
This is 'Fire and Ice', I had a bit of a Game of Thrones moment when looking at it.
The scent is wonderful as you walk through the rows of flowers.  Whilst Sweetpea week finished on the 12th July, it is definitely still worth going to see them as this year, lets face it, the season has been slow to get started and I think there are a few good weeks for the peas to be seen just yet as they have by no means peaked.
Further into the gardens the main borders are looking wonderful.  Just bursting with flowers and colour.
The main grasses had just been cut and the hay mounds left to dry.  I really liked seeing this as one thing that is noticeable about Easton Walled Gardens are the development of the wild meadow areas and the amount of bees and butterflies enjoying them.
Of course I spotted quite a few poppies in the grasses.
I also loved this foxglove lutea, which the bees were also loving and has now been added to my 'must grow' list.
The dark reflection pool has been replaced by this slate sphere.  It is a rather fine piece and I thought it worked very well with the rusty spheres on sticks behind it.  It was also showing how the garden is constantly developing and evolving.  Whilst there is the ongoing restoration there is also progress, this is a good thing.

It was a good day out, I returned to look at my puny sweetpeas and sighed.  Maybe next year....


  1. Beautiful pics. I'm a huge sweet pea fan. One for you to try is Turquiose Lagoon from Thompson and Morgan - pink going into turquoise as it ages. Gorgeous

    1. Hi Gina - thanks, I will look out for that one - does it have good scent?

  2. The Sweet Pea Belinensis is one to go on my list, do you know who sells it?

    1. Easton Walled Gardens sells lots of sweetpea seeds, but I am not sure if they have this one. Roger Parsons does and I am definitely going to be growing it for next year.

  3. Easton will certainly be selling belinensis this autumn. It's about finished now and we'll be harvesting it in the next couple of weeks. Time will tell how seedful it is though.

    1. Thanks Steve, I will be picking some up from Easton when I see it on sale.

  4. Wonderful cornflower borders at Easton Walled Gardens and the sweetpea week must be great to visit. I love sweet peas! The belinensis is indeed a special beauty.


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