Product Review - Rhino Easi-Can Watering Can

I was recently asked if I would like to trial the Rhino Easi-Can Watering Can and I thought this would be a nice thing to do, especially as I was asked which colour I would like.  I thought about this for a milli-second and asked whether it came in red, which it does, so the deal was done.
The can arrived quickly and my first impression was how light it was.  It is feather-weight when empty which for a can that will hold 10 litres is a good thing.  Whilst I appreciate the aesthetic beauty of metal watering cans, the weight they hold when empty contributes to the weight of the full can and if you use a watering can as much as I do then this is not a benefit.

It is also rather streamline, it is not a very wide watering can which makes it quite easy to manoeuvre.  It is also well-balanced, either handle works well, you don't have to use both hands to steady it (though when pouring it does help when very full if you are like I am).  When not using the rose you can fit it over the fill point which makes sure nothing drops into the watering can and you do not lose the rose.  I lose the rose often on my other watering can, it never appears to be where I left it even when I am sure where I put it so this a good feature.

In conclusion this watering can does what a watering can should do and has no flaws that I could find.  It comes in several colours: red, black and green and it seems well made and quite tough and I can happily recommend it.


  1. I really need one of those! My metal watering cans look pretty, but I just can't lift them up to the top of my tall containers. I end up having to use half a watering can at a time. Very tedious!

  2. I bought this can for £10 and the rose is terrible


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