Tree following - its blossom time (don't panic)

Opening clarification: To those of us who have watched Dad's Army, making a reference to Corporal Jones running around shouting 'don't panic' will make sense.  To those of us who have not seen this, try YouTube, there must be a clip of it somewhere.

It is blossom time, I am running around like Corporal Jones shouting don't panic as we have just had a period of air frost lasting several nights.  This struck fear into my heart as my quinclets were in danger.
I love the twirliness of the tight blossom buds.  They are almost like a barber's pole (another modern reference!).
There are so many blossoms on the tree this year, it is heavy with them.
In the sun they start to open.
They look wonderfully inviting for any passing bee who might want to drop in and help create a quince.  I tried pointing to the blossoms and shouting 'bee - this way', to which the bees replied 'I be this way' and flew off.
I am now in a state of anxious excitement.  The clock is now ticking, will there be quinclets, will there be more frost?  Two very important questions to which I have no answer as yet.

Come back next month and if you are very lucky there will be a swelling of the quinclets.  I don't remember that happening in Dad's Army ever, I may have strayed into Frankie Howerd territory.  I might need to update my reference points.

Thanks as ever to Lucy for herding the forest of followed trees