RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - the apples and pears of it

It is quite the done thing to identify trends when visiting Chelsea Flower Show, so I could write a piece about growing more orange flowers or maybe creating a mini-Chatsworth in your back garden.  I have already mentioned these in my previous posts so today I am writing about the surprising about of fruit I found.

For example: I was wandering along when I suddenly saw this pair of pears,
and a rather large face almost looking like it was about to kiss them.  As ever I ponder about placing them in a landscape, they would need a larger space than I have.

Further along I find apples and pears, yet no Cockney rhyming slang references at all, well it is far from the sound of Bow Bells.
A wicker pear here
A slate apple there
A gourd or two 
and then a rather odd statue of two cherubs fighting quite viciously.
I really, really do not like the expression on the lower cherubs face, there was something quite disturbing about it so I moved on swiftly.

I had hardly recovered from this when I found the stone balancing stones which looked a little like they were from the art display in Beetlejiuice, but my eye was caught by this one is particular.....


  1. Enjoying your Chelsea posts Alison :)

  2. I quite like some of those pears, and did you spot the giant cherries too?

  3. Thanks for showing some of the Flower Show. Some day I may make it to the other side of the big pond to tour Chelsea myself - that would be so nice. Jack

  4. Yes - a rather snooty man holding a fish !

  5. I really like the slate apple and the wicker pear, they would fit nicely in the garden here! There is always something that catches the eye at Chelsea!


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