Hodsock bluebells

You know when you think you did something a couple of weeks ago and it turns out it was a couple of months ago, well, a couple of weeks (months) ago I visited Hodsock Priory in North Nottinghamshire, to wander around their snowdrops.   I enjoyed my visit so much I knew that I wanted to return for bluebell time.

I was not disappointed.
It was the most glorious sunny afternoon, even though it began to cloud before we left for most of the time we were there the sun shone and the sky was blue, perfect wandering weather.
As you start to walk into the woods the sight of the massed bluebells is breathtaking.  It is mistake however to hold your breath as you have to do is take a huge sniff as the scent from the bluebells is just wonderful.  I think the damp from the recent rain plus the warmth from the sun was just the perfect mix for them to release their scent.

It is a good walk around the wood, not too long but also not that brief either, really good for when you want a wander, chat and relax.

The bluebells are mainly in the woods, but it was possible to wander around the formal gardens as well which is rather a treat.
The gardens flow up from the lake towards the house.  They are fringed with some very good trees.  There are all sorts of specimens in the garden and you can tell that a tree-lover has made their presence known in the garden.
We were fascinated by this fallen cherry tree and had to get closer to see how it was alive as at first glance it appeared to be separated from the base.  There was some of the trunk remaining rooted to the side of the main tree that was just enough to keep it living.  It made quite a curious sight.
There is some very good marginal planting.
and this bank that had been home to daffodils, aconites and snowdrops is now a blaze of bluebells and I think some sort of euphorbia but I could be wrong in that.

They were alive with bees.
The house is set above the  gardens and we loved the terraces of aubretia shining in the sun.
We popped our heads into the wedding marquee to look at the flowers.  They are rather wonderful.
We said hello to a resting pigeon (it is a real pigeon)
We nodded hello to a passing family of geese.
Discussed briefly whether the mermaid was playing a guitar or a lute, I'm still saying guitar but either way the strings would need to be waterproof.
and decided that a photograph of one of us sitting on the frog would be a fine thing, though you will probably notice that this did not come to be, maybe next time.
We wandered back to the car park and mused on the lone, ageing, ornamental cherry that stood in the middle of the field.  Looking around there were no other blossoming trees.  We considered how often you see trees like this in the middle of fields and we decided not very often.  This made us wonder if there was a story to this tree?  

We had a wonderful afternoon, tree was drunk and cake consumed.  It was a very good way to spend an afternoon and I look forward to visiting again.


  1. Especially like the frog and am with you on guitar.

  2. Maybe the cherry tree was once part of a hedge which has been removed. This has happened to a couple of our oaks and we were told that way back there was a hedge across what is now a large field. Love the bluebells.


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