Tree Following - the Quince-whisperer

One of the great joys of following a tree for more than a year is looking at what stage it was at this time last year.  As I took the photographs this month I thought how advanced the quince tree is compared to my apple trees and got rather happy.  Then I looked at last year's photographs from this month I realised it is a week or three behind last year, so now a slightly more subdued write up will follow:
The tree is looking rather lovely with its sprinkling of spring green.  The leaves are barely green they are so fresh, they are so bright and tinged with yellow.
As I get closer I can see that they are carefully protecting the yet to emerge buds, the quinclets of the future; this is good as we are not beyond the frost-zone yet.
I whisper to each fat bud - "you will be a quince, you will" for yes, I am the quince-whisperer.   I am convinced that this will help enormously as my quest for a quince continues.

Time will tell.

Thanks as ever to Lucy for hosting this meme.  More trees are being followed here.